The Problem: Graphite Dust

Dust from machining graphite materials is a major turn off to many machinists. The fine dust accumulates quickly in the air of the production floor over the work hours, leaving irritated eyes, dirty surfaces, and a mess to clean up every day.

Dirty Exterior


Huge Graphite Dust Deposit

in Machine

Graphite Dust Affecting

Toolings and Accuracy

The Solution: Oil Curtain design on EMS-650T

The EMS-650T is designed to specifically address the graphite dust lingering in the air, by trapping most of the graphite dust in the oil curtain. The oil curtain will damp the graphite dust particle in the air and subsequently wash everything down to the filtration tank. Not only is the oil curtain effective in keeping your production clean, but the work area inside the machine also barely has any trace of graphite dust.

The Build: Solid Gantry Frame

As a machine built specifically for graphite electrode milling, the EMS-650T has a sturdily built gantry structure with a heavy cast iron bed. The gantry structure evenly distributes the workload to the gantry beams and eliminates the overhung error in conventional C-frame milling machines.

The Precision Factors: Stable Spindle And Solid Drives

The spindle is capable to operate at 24000rpm with its temperature maintained with a chiller unit. The work table is operated by a Japanese servo drive with a zero-backlash Germany motor coupling to ensure high dynamic and precision milling. The 1000 blocks/second look ahead computational ability improves the smoothness of the electrode contour.