EDM Machining Solutions

Having over 20 years of experience in EDM graphite electrodes, and trained professionals in handling graphite electrodes milling and spark erosion processes, we pride ourselves as your one-stop solution provider for everything EDM graphite related. We don’t just sell machines, we sell solutions.

Nothing like your Conventional CNC Milling Machine

With our wealth and expertise in working with EDM graphite materials, we took the initiative to develop our brand of CNC milling machine specializing in handling graphite materials. Despite the benefits of EDM graphite, many avoided graphite materials due to the graphite dust pollution to the production floor; a problem you would not face with our machine. Our CNC graphite milling machines are built specifically to address all problems faced when machining graphite materials with conventional milling machine designs.

Efficient EDM Times

We also brought in EDM die-sinking machines specialize in graphite electrode spark erosion processes. Should you seek a more efficient and efficient EDM process for your project, come to us! Our EDM specialist will find the best solution for you.